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Ice Age 5 - "Collision Course" Release Date In USA And Official Poster

The Fifth Installment of Ice age series is ready to enter in the market this year. Its name is Ice Age:Collision Course. This movie also named as Ice age 5 and it is the sequel of Ice age:continental drift that released in year 2012. Here in this post we would tell you Ice age 5 release date in market. But before that we would like to introduce you with its star cast.

Voice Cast of  Ice Age 5:

  • Ray Romano: Manny
  • John Leguizamo: Sid
  • Denis Leary: Diego
  • Queen Latifah: Ellie
  • Jennifer Lopez: Shira
  • Simon Pegg: Buck
  • Keke Palmer: Peaches
  • Sean William Scott: Crash
  • Josh Peck: Eddie
  • Wanda Sykes: Granny
  • Chris Wedge: Scrat

New Characters in Ice Age 5:

  • Jesse Tyler FergusonShangri Llama
  • Adam DeVineJulian
  • Jessie JBrooke[
  • Nick OffermanGavin
  • Stephanie BeatrizGertie
  • Max GreenfieldRoger
  • Michael StrahanTeddy
  • Melissa RauchFrancine
  • Neil deGrasse TysonNeil deBuck Weasel
  • Lilly SinghMisty & Bubble
Ice Age 5 release date is July 22 2016. Earlier the release date was scheduled to July 15 2016 but to prevent its competition with the remake of Ghostbuster. It have been shifted to next week and is scheduled to June 22 2016. This movie would release on same date across the globe. 

Ice Age 5 is launched by Bluestudio productions and its plot is as follows:

Plot of Ice Age 5:

Scrat’s  pursuit of his  acorn throw him into space where co-incidentally he sets off a series of events that threaten and transform Planet Earth. To protect from herd they move to new places full with adventure nd exotic  travelling moments. Watch the movie and check how much fun ad adventure they have while travelling on this journey.

Ice Age 5 Poster:

Ice Age 5 - "Collision Course" Release Date In USA And Official Poster

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